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Your prospects are people,
not cookies.

ividence is focused on the monetization of premium newsletters. Via a network of 50+ publishers ividence enables advertisers to reach 20M+ users with display & native ads, personalized on the fly for each and every recipient, leveraging the ultimate deterministic identifier: the email addressREAD MORE

Email rocks!

Feel free to share our infographics which tells you in a few facts & figures why email rocks!  read more…

How deep reinforcement learning could help us play the advertising game.

From Space Invaders to Go

Deep Reinforcement Learning is an exciting form of machine learning. This method has been made popular over the last few years by DeepMind, a UK company founded in 2010, bought by Google in 2014 ($500m). DeepMind has been training its general purpose AI algorithms via… video games, simply feeding their models with raw pixels (no predefined rules) and a basic definition of the goals to be achieved by the end of the game (usually reach the highest score possible). read more…

The future is now, and it’s better than in Minority Report!

Do you remember the passage from Minority Report when Tom Cruise walks across a shopping mall bombarded with “targeted” video advertising? It looked quite creepy and, to be honest, not very efficient. It was some sort of advertising flood: too many conflicting messages, too many images. Ad nauseam. read more…